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Backup to CDs

Backup to CDs: the most reliable computer can haul off and take a trip into orbit. This is why technology came up with solutions for protecting your hard work. The solution my friends is called backup to CDs .

I mentioned in my prior articles that you should at least perform a duplicate backup copy, however, the more the merrier. Again, you need to store the CDs in separate locations in order to insure that you will have backup CDs for your backup .

Operating System Command

Backup CDs come in a couple of methods. One is to backup your files by following the Wizard providing on your Operating System.


The lazy boy command, or rather using Utilities for backup makes things easier for those who are computer illiterate. There are many types of software available, so make sure that you research the market for the best buys and easy performance available. I personally have purchased software that claims the product makes life easier for the user, but they failed to realize there are people like me who know a bit about computers, backups, and so forth.

When I installed the software I felt as though I needed another degree to perform the procedure. Another point I noted in many manuscripts is that the author will overdraw out the picture and by the time the reader finishes, the reader needs to start from the beginning. The advantage of research gives you the ability to purchase the software that is most easiest to use.

Compress the Data

Whether you have software of you are manually commanding a backup from your Operating System; to save space, you might want to compress the data. Compression is fairly easy. Often times the Operating System on your computer has its own built in program. If not there are downloads all over the fabulous World Wide Net that offer free downloads for compressing files. However, be careful when you see the word FREE.

Amerivault Data Backup

This is one of the software available on the market to use for backing up your files.

Advantages of Backup to CDs

One advantage of backing up your files to CD-RW: if the CDs are scratched, solutions are available to repair the disk.


If you do not backup your files to CDs, then the disadvantage comes when Outlaws ride through your town and takes your computer for resale, or hostage.

Tape Backup Verses CDs

Backing up your files to CDs can prove safer in the long run. Technology is constantly advancing, and tapes have been on the market long before CDs came into the picture. What if Technology decides to close their doors on the Tape mobile. Uh, you will then have a selection of data on tapes and no means of receiving if tape drives are snatched from the market.

CD Verses CD-Rom

Again, it is important when purchasing CDs for backup , to make sure you buy the appropriate CDs for reading and writing to CD. Don't Delay, Backup Today!