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Answers to Your Backup Questions

When is a Good Time to Perform a Backup ?

At the end of the day is always a good habit, and at least once a week perform a full backup .

What Programs, Software, Documents, Files Should a User Backup on Their System ?

Usually a disk will come with most software, operating systems, and other application programs a person will use on their computer. However, there has been incidents when a person may have misplaced, lost, or corrupted a copy of the needed disk. It is not illegal to backup a copy of your operating disk, software's, and application programs for the purpose of the buyers reinstallation if necessary. Be careful not to perform a backup for resell or distributing to a close friend. In this case, it is illegal.

Always do a daily backup of created files or changed files. Whether you want to backup on your system , CD-RW, Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, Tape Cartridge, et cetera, perform the backup .

What Appropriate Backup Method Should One Use?

Backups can be through file-copy, disk-copy, or backup command-can be diskette, hard disk, tape, or any secondary storage medium that serves the purpose of backing up files.

How is Backup Performed?

Backup is performed by copying files to a local disk, hard disk, tape, floppy, et cetera.

Why Do I Need to Back up Files?

How many years have you worked to store files and other important information on our system? Add up the time, energy, and efforts and once you come to a near accurate equation, then figure how long it will take you to re-type all this information in your system again... from scratch. Estimate the time and then toss in the figure loss and there you have it... this is why I need to backup my files and important information.

Should I Backup , Using Only One Disk, Filling up the Space and Then Continue on to Another Disk?

NO. Plain and simple. You should use two disks for extra insurance when backing up files. Always keep one disk in your office and one in a safe environment to insure against floods, fires, and other disasters.

What If I Don't Know How to Do a Backup for My Files?

Don't worry, you are not at loss or in trouble. If you do not know how to perform a backup , simply search for information that will direct you in backing up your files. Go to control My Computer click on the file you want to backup and copy it to disk. Simple and sweet. The word backup is not the portion that scares the attempter. No, it is the technical use of the word that frightens the user into thinking that he or she has no idea where to begin.

How Can Backups Insure Me in Case of Disaster?

You bet ya. Always have a backup plan no matter what you do. The best insurance is making sure you have duplicates in two different locations, but backing up is the backup plan.