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How to Backup in Windows XP

Files Backup

Backup helps you to provide a protection in case that your hard disk fails or your files are unreadable or corrupted. Backup is a process of creating a duplicate copy of your data in another media. It can be stored locally or remotely. Windows provides a comprehensive and automatic backup and system recovery in its product. Firstly, you must have an administrator permission or backup operator to backup your data.

You can start the wizard by clicking the Start Menu, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and click Backup . Tick always start in wizard mode and click next. Click back up files and settings and click next. Choose what do you want to backup and click next. Choose a place to save your backup and click next. You may change the type of backup , verify the backup , and scheduling an automatic backup by choosing the advanced button. Click finish.

Registry Backup

You can backup a portion of the Registry by using a Registry Editor. You can start the Registry Editor by clicking the Start Menu, point to Run, and type regedit. Click OK to run the regedit. You may select which branch of registry you want to backup . Right click the branch and choose Export. Put a name and location where you will save the registry backup and click Save. Restoring a registry backup is a simple task. You can use Windows Explorer and point to the file of registry backup . Double-click the file and the registry information will be put back in the original location.

Outlook Express Data Backup

It is important to backup your mail account, address book, and messages of your Outlook Express data. To backup the mail account, on the Tools menu, click Accounts. On the mail tab, click the mail account you wish to backup and click Export. Locate your mail account backup folder and then click save. Do the same step for each of mail account you wish to backup . To backup the address book, on the File menu, click Export, and click Address Book.

Click Text File (Comma Separated Values or CSV) and click Export. Why do you choose CSV is that if WAB is shared with Microsoft Outlook, the addresses are stored in the pst file in Outlook. When you export the file from Outlook Express to a csv it exports the correct contacts. If address book is shared with Microsoft Outlook, you can't backup on the File menu. Locate the address book backup folder by clicking browse. Give a name to the address book backup and click save. Click next.

Select the check boxes of the fields you want to backup and click Finish. To backup the messages, on the Tools menu, click Options. Click Store Folder on the maintenance tab. Copy the address by using Ctrl+C. Click cancel button and cancel button again to close the dialog box. Click Start menu and click Run. Paste the previous location by using Ctrl+V, and click OK. Copy the files to your Outlook Express messages backup folder.